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Whatever our Mountain is called (not Brokeback)

Whatever Our Mountain is Called I know One day I’ll be nothing more To you Than a faint memory. Something, someone, you’ll remember When your kid comes to you seeking comfort For a love lost or a teenage heartache. (Zelda_Scott)

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The hardship of the succubus

Mein erster Versuch und sehr spontan entstanden. - They cry for help, they suck you dry, your soul is hurt and you ask why? Is it to kind? is it my my mind? Your Certainty dwindles, but the fear it binds. (DuxNatus)

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Mind over matter

Mind over matter I choose To unchoose my body Today. It has been a burden far too long. A prison of meat and An excuse for all the things I never dared to do. Not anymore. I choose To unchoose my body Today. For I don’t want it anymore This way. (Zelda_Scott)

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Om bara Om bara du kunde se mitt ansikte i mörkret. Om bara du kunde höra mina ord i stumheten. Om bara vi hade ett gemensamt språk i Babels förvirring. Jag vill att du se mig som jag är. Allt. Jag vill att du lyssna på min röst. Alltid. (Zelda_Scott)

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To my Reluctant Lover

To my Reluctant Lover Leave if you have to. Hide if you want to. Run if you think that you can. I have seen you. I have tasted you. I have felt your hunger and your greed. And I shall not forget the smell of your lust. Flee if you choose to. (Zelda_Scott)

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The Wrath of a Goddess

The Wrath of a Goddess How dare you Treat me like one of your women? Like one of your valets? Like one of your playmates? Like air, like dust, like bycatch? How dare you? I am a Goddess! Worship me! You are not worthy to Kiss the soil I walk upon. (Zelda_Scott)

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Demon on your shoulder

Hello there, my friend, mind if I join you? Your face looks quite sad and upset. My company rarely leaves folks as they were, Yet seldom they feel a regret. (DukeKalna)

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And here comes a really old one...:

Living dolls is what we are. In this case we won’t get far. What is the meaning of my life? Am I a girl, a woman or a wife? I need someone to hold me tight, I need to fool around all night- alone! (Gast)

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Bloody friday

Time to polish the edges everyone sculptured to your reflection the screaming and the bleeding perfectly feeding your darkness but finally your self-fulfilling prophecy (Versuchung_Bln)

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A Star

Once upon a time a star came falling down to earth dying shining brighter than ever bringing a seed before sunrise it spreads dies before dawn the place it tried to flower harder than stone the heart of a man (Versuchung_Bln)

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Unvisable His thoughts burnt into mine unpreventable His kiss only a gentleness breath on my lips unavailable His voice creates prickling on my skin unwillingly His purr casts a spell on me unresistable (Versuchung_Bln)

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compassionate endings

There’s so much dirt on the floor a mess in the closet blind glass in the windows of your unsettled heart And you’ve never learned, and you can not find out how to clear it all, how to sort the pieces how to heal the cracks of your broken soul. (indivisuelle)

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Screens have their own frequency people like to look at screens they align and tend to live according to screens different frequencies tend to distort the sun has light to waste people like living in light they aligned and got used to living in the sun… (Gast)

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Jump off my shoulder Jump off my mind You’re just a boulder Way far from kind Feel like a donkey Feel like a clown I’m not you monkey Go and jump down oberarm (Gast)

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They talk about live and love And ah … Play some tunes they wrote themselves Or recite poems or smart thoughts And ah … Post texts and pics Imagine themselves as skilled in the art Predestinated to showing off with all they can And ah … Actually they Ah… (Gast)

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Days of gravity

Elephants can fly Above the grounds of thought If only I could cry About the flies you caught I am most transfixed With what you do to me I find myself betwixt Between to stay and flee Give me some amends Because I can’t get by When I sit on the fence No… (Gast)

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I look at the ceiling And you do the same We all look for reasonable healing We’re gambling We’re game When I think of foretime I stumble inside It all turns out to some sort of sore rhyme I’m part time I’m wide We used our illusion It’s used up and gone… (Gast)

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Beg and borrow

Lend me an emotion lend me a feel give me a notion of a useful deal Feel so unexpected Feel a surprise Read and detected Your messages wise At night I’m depicting Having you here Then I’m your erl-king Now isn’t that queer Just a little fraction Cradle… (Gast)

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harsh mellow man

People find no clue for a while try reading my moves my talk and my style some are frightened some are upset and some are alert to spot what they get after all there’s one every year who’s finding a way to dig and draw near look inside as far as you can… (Gast)

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Comb the lawn

Matted grass as dense as felt Just like my felted thoughts Inextricably they melt They’re waiting for some draughts Every now and then I rake The turf to find a clue Something there must be at stake I sense it’s me and you oberarm (Gast)

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Daddy had a voice like a grater So rough and clean He worked all day as a waiter Since he was a teen Mama left on a sunny winter day With pills and wine And his voice turned frail and clay But he still is mine I call him every sunday at five But cannot… (Gast)

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Eye see

You have a date Come back some day And that’s my fate You’re like a scray You waft away And that’s my fate oberarm (Gast)

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Return They kiss Falling finally into each others arms Breaking free from their fears, the deep cut and let go The marble quality from her blue eyes is hidden beneath glittering tears Her blonde hair sticks on her wet cheeks as it hugs her beautiful face… (Dared)

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Rock bottom

I once saw a sign written in red: Don't swim here or you drown and be dead! Furthermore what read these eyes of mine: Also, there is a 50 EUR fine. (BlueFalcon)

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Why is it so easy to smile, when you're dying deep down inside? Why is it so hard to cry, when all you want is for someone in the world to see your pain? Can anyone hear your whispered scream? (Aiko_Shane)

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