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Whatever our Mountain is called (not Brokeback)

Whatever Our Mountain is Called I know One day I’ll be nothing more To you Than a faint memory. Something, someone, you’ll remember When your kid comes to you seeking comfort For a love lost or a teenage heartache. (Zelda_Scott)

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The hardship of the succubus

Mein erster Versuch und sehr spontan entstanden. - They cry for help, they suck you dry, your soul is hurt and you ask why? Is it to kind? is it my my mind? Your Certainty dwindles, but the fear it binds. (DuxNatus)

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Mind over matter

Mind over matter I choose To unchoose my body Today. It has been a burden far too long. A prison of meat and An excuse for all the things I never dared to do. Not anymore. I choose To unchoose my body Today. For I don’t want it anymore This way. (Zelda_Scott)

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Om bara Om bara du kunde se mitt ansikte i mörkret. Om bara du kunde höra mina ord i stumheten. Om bara vi hade ett gemensamt språk i Babels förvirring. Jag vill att du se mig som jag är. Allt. Jag vill att du lyssna på min röst. Alltid. (Zelda_Scott)

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To my Reluctant Lover

To my Reluctant Lover Leave if you have to. Hide if you want to. Run if you think that you can. I have seen you. I have tasted you. I have felt your hunger and your greed. And I shall not forget the smell of your lust. Flee if you choose to. (Zelda_Scott)

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The Wrath of a Goddess

The Wrath of a Goddess How dare you Treat me like one of your women? Like one of your valets? Like one of your playmates? Like air, like dust, like bycatch? How dare you? I am a Goddess! Worship me! You are not worthy to Kiss the soil I walk upon. (Zelda_Scott)

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